‘Twas the night before Christmas

And all through the lab

Three creatures were stirring

Giving batch review one last stab.

The QA was looking good

But results were not right.

Long hours crunching data

To report results that night.

Aha! I heard them exclaim,

Look here, it’s quite clear!

Thank goodness for data validation,

Our clients can now enjoy the holidays and have a Happy New Year.


Thank you to our phenomenal Quality Assurance team: Frank McFarlandCoila Craig, and Ely Bair. Thanks to their arduous hours reviewing every result from every batch of data generated by Brooks Rand Labs, our clients are assured that their reports contain only the highest quality data possible.


Do you have a big project where you need to save time and money? Order a Level II Deliverables Package and let our extremely qualified QA staff do the data validation for you (hint: we already do!).