Shipping Samples to BAL from Outside the US

Shipping Samples

BAL analyzes samples from all over the world on a regular basis. Shipping samples across borders from a foreign country to the US is not uncommon, but there are special regulations and recommended best practices to review prior to shipping samples. Before shipping samples to BAL from outside of the US, always contact your BAL Project Manager to discuss the shipment well ahead of time! If you don’t know who your BAL Project Manager is contact us

BAL Road Warriors are Out and About!

BAL Road Warriors

Earlier this month, on June 13th, Brooks Applied Labs scientists were presenting at a meeting of the North American Metals Council (NAMC) Selenium Working Group in Calgary. Ben Wozniak (Technical Services Specialist) gave a talk on the Formation and Identification of Methaneselenonic Acid in a Water Treatment Process, while Russ Gerads (Business Development Director) presented on the Application of Solid Phase Speciation Analyses for Selenium Management. Contact us if you…

BAL Cyclers Ride for Bike-O-Ween

BAL Cyclers with Victory Baguettes

May was Bike Everywhere Month and several of us from BAL’s bike team – Pedal to the Metal – joined in! Captain Frank McFarland, Rick Manson, Fiona Bellows, and Colin Brady participated this year by riding their bikes around the Seattle area as much as possible, reducing CO2 emissions while getting a little exercise and having a lot fun. But what exactly is “Bike-O-Ween”? That is the day our…

Filtered Beer & Wine can have Higher Arsenic and Lead Levels

Filter Beer in Glasses

There have been many research publications in recent years detailing the heavy metal levels in alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine, but few of these investigate how the processing of these beverages may influence the levels of toxic metals. The results of a new study by Redan et. al. published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (February 2019) show a clear correlation between the filtration of beer and wine…

Brooks Applied Labs is on the Road Again…

BAL Road Warriors

On June 12th and 13th, BAL’s Russ Gerads and Ben Wozniak will be attending the North American Metals Council (NAMC) meeting in Calgary, Alberta in support of the Selenium Working Group. Our involvement in this focused workgroup is a testament to BAL’s expertise and experience in metals chemistry and the value it provides to industry. Also, earlier this month, Jamie Fox