2014 International Interlaboratory Comparison Study for Arsenic Speciation in FoodArsenicReport
A Comparison of Distillation Methods for Methylmercury Determination in Water SamplesMethylmercuryPoster
Accurate Quantification of Tungsten in the Environment A Comparison of Analytical MethodsTungstenPoster
Advanced Analytical ServicesServicesBrochure
Advanced Analytical Services - Heavy Metals in StormwaterHeavy MetalsBrochure
Advanced Analytical Services - Mercury & Methylmercury Mercury & MethylmercuryBrochure
Advanced Analytical Services - Selected Selenium SpeciesSeleniumBrochure
Advances in Detection of Hexavalent ChromiumChromiumPresentation
An Alternative Analytical Technique for Mercury Speciation in Radioactive Tank Waste at the Savannah River SiteMercuryPoster
Analysis for Arsenic and Hexavalent Chromium: How to avoid false positives and increase data qualityArsenic and
Hexavalent Chromium
Analysis of Arsenic Species and Low-Level Heavy Metals in RiceArsenicPoster
AOAC Offical Method 2015.01 - Heavy Metals in FoodHeavy MetalsMethod
Arsenic Speciation Analysis of Wine for the Characterization of Carcinogenic Metalloid CompoundsArsenicPresentation
Arsenic Speciation in Soils and Sediments: How Matrix Complexity Determines Most Appropriate Method SelectionArsenicPoster
Assessing the Fate of Mercury in Animal Inoculations: Simultaneous Determination of Ethylmercury and
Methylmercury in Pig Livers and Kidneys
“Big Four” Heavy Metals Testing of Food, Beverages & Dietary SupplementsHeavy MetalsBrochure
Cerium chloride heptahydrate (CeCl37H2O) induces muscle paralysis in the generalist herbivore, Melanoplus sanguinipes (Fabricius) (Orthoptera: Acrididae), fed contaminated plant tissuesRare Earth ElementsArticle
COA ExampleReportingReport
Comparative Study of Sample Dilution Techniques for the Analysis of Trace Metals in Whole BloodTrace MetalsPoster
Comparison EPA1340 CAB Methods Bioaccessible Lead Arsenic SoilsArsenicPoster
Comparison of Fluorinated HDPE Bottles to Teflon
& Glass Bottles for Monomethyl Mercury (MMHg) Water Sample Storage
Monomethyl MercuryPoster
Comparison of Methods for Total Metals and Leachable Metals in Children’s PVC Toys & ProductsMetalsPoster
Comparison of Preconcentration Trap Materials for Use in Determination of Monomethyl Mercury by Cold Vapor Atomic Fluorescence SpectroscopyMonomethyl MercuryPoster
Comprehensive Quality Assurance PlanServicesBrochure
Contribution of Dry Deposited Mercury to Urban Run-OffMercuryPoster
Determining Methylmercury Concentrations in Mammals and Birds Utilizing Nondestructive Sample Collection TechniquesMethylmercuryArticle
Determination of Heavy Metals in Food: AOAC First Action Method 2015.01Heavy MetalsPoster
Determination of Methylmercury in Human Hair: A Comparison of Digestion MethodsMethylmercuryPoster
Determining Elemental Mercury in Soils by Selective VolatilizationMercuryPresentation
Development of a More Robust Method for the Determination of Reactive Mercury [Hg(II)R] in Sediment SamplesMercuryPoster
Development of Improved Sample Preparation Methods
for Determination of Methyl Mercury in Solids
Development of Methods for the Determination of Reactive Mercury [Hg(II)R ] in Natural Fresh WaterMercuryPoster
Differentiation Between Nutritional and Carcinogenic Selenium via Speciation AnalysesSeleniumPresentation
Electronic Data Deliverables (EDDs)ReportingQuick Reference
Does EPA Method 7471 Accurately Measure
Mercury Concentrations in Fish?
Environmental Sampling for Low-Level Trace Metals per EPA Method 1669Trace MetalsBrochure
EPA Method 1632: Arsenic SpeciationArsenicBrochure
EPA Method 1640: Trace Metals in SeawaterTrace MetalsBrochure
EPA Method 1669 Sampling ClassSamplingFlyer
EPA Method 1669 Field Sampling Quick ReferenceSamplingQuick Reference
Example: Reporting PackagesReportingReport
Flue Gas Desulfurization Wastewater for Heavy MetalsHeavy MetalsBrochure
How Arsenic Chemistry Determines Remediation Efficacy as well as Fate and TransportArsenicPresentation
Intercomparison of Extraction and Analytical Techniques for Inorganic Arsenic in SeaweedInorganic ArsenicPresentation
Interlaboratory Comparison Study for Arsenic Speciation in Food and Juice ReportArsenicReport
Interlaboratory Comparison Study for Total Mercury and MethylmercuryMercuryReport
International Intercomparison Study For
Arsenic Speciation In Food Poster
Maternal Transfer of Metals in Stellar Sea Lions (Eumetopias jubatus) from the Washington State CoastTrace MetalsPoster
Mercury Speciation in Soils, Sediment and other SolidsMercuryBrochure
Method Comparison for Bioaccessible Lead and Arsenic in SoilsArsenic and LeadPresentation
New Food Testing Method: AOAC Method 2015.01Heavy MetalsFlyer
Optimized Method for Trace Metals Determination in Flue Gas Desulfurization Waters Using ICP-DRC-MSTrace MetalsPoster
Optimization of an Analytical Method for the Determination of Trace Metals in Urine by ICP-MSTrace MetalsArticle
Overview of Techniques for Mercury Speciation of Contaminated SedimentsMercuryPoster
Potential Bias in Arsenic Speciation Results for Tissues Prepared by EPA Method 1632 PosterArsenicPoster
Recent Improvements in Analysis of Aqueous Samples
for Methylmercury: Improvements in Accuracy, Precision, and Detection Limits
Reducing the Risk of Inaccurate Results When Quantifying Trace Elements in SeawaterTrace ElementsPoster
Reducing the Risk of Inaccurate Results When Quantifying Trace Elements in Seawater Using ICP-QQQ-MSTrace ElementsPresentation
Results of the 2nd Annual International Interlaboratory Comparison Study for Arsenic Speciation in FoodArsenicPoster
Role of Speciation for Selenium Treatment and Compliance with Site-Specific Aquatic Life Criteria
Simultaneous Determination of Stainless Steel Components in Urine Samples using ICP-DRC-MSICP-MSPoster
Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) PDF ServicesBrochure
Superior Selenium Data by ICP-DRC-MSSeleniumBrochure
Superior Data QualityData QualityBrochure
Technique for the Simultaneous Determination of Monomethyl and Monoethyl Mercury in Aqueous SamplesMonomethyl MercuryPoster
Testing for Elemental Contaminants in Dietary Supplements by USP 2232Trace MetalsBrochure
Testing Natural Products for California Prop 65CA Prop 65Brochure
Testing Natural Products for Levels of Inorganic ArsenicArsenicBrochure
Testing Natural Products for Levels of MethylmercuryMethylmercuryBrochure
Trace Metals by ICP-MS and Dynamic Reaction Cell TechnologyTrace MetalsBrochure
Total Arsenic and Arsenic Speciation Analysis in RiceArsenicPoster
Uptake and Effects of Six Rare Earth
Elements (REEs) on Selected Native and Crop
Species Growing in Contaminated Soils
Rare Earth ElementsArticle
Validation of an Automated System for Methyl Mercury Analysis using Cold Vapor Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy with Gas Chromatography SeparationMethylmercuryPoster