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At Brooks Applied Labs we provide the highest quality analytical services for trace metals and metals speciation customized to address the needs of our clients to support better environmental, human health, and scientific decision-making in a workplace that honors our core values.



  BAL News

What is Speciation?

A chemical species is the specific form of an element defined as to isotopic composition, electronic or oxidation state, and/or complex or molecular structure. Speciation analysis is the analytical activities of identifying and/or measuring the quantities of one or...

BAL is On the Road to NEMC

Brooks Applied Labs’ VP of Operations, Annie Carter, will be very active at next month’s National Environmental Monitoring Conference (NEMC), held August 5-9 in Jacksonville, FL. First, Annie will be presenting in the “Best Practices for Managing Environmental...

BAL President/CEO Celebrates 15 Years!

Michelle Briscoe joined Brooks Applied Labs (formerly Brooks Rand Labs) in 2004 as our VP of Analytical Services and Technical Director. In 2013, she ascended to the helm as our President/CEO and went on to successfully lead two companies through a complex merger in...

Welcoming Baby Thomas to the BAL Family

Brooks Applied Labs’ would like to congratulate Advanced Chemist, Stephen Springer, and his wife Sylvia, on the birth of their new baby boy: Thomas Ferreira Springer. Baby Thomas was born on Wednesday, June 25th, weighing in at just over six pounds. From all of us at...


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