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Trace Elements Speciation

Brooks Applied Labs has developed an array of analytical techniques for trace metals speciation depending on the sample matrix and target molecules. Due to the unique chemical properties of different trace metals molecules one analytical method will not work for all species and all sample matrices. Through in-house research and method development and collaborations with industry scientists at BAL have generated robust preparatory and analytical methods to support most trace metals speciation requests.

New analytical techniques are generated and validated every month in accordance with industry demand as well as ecological and toxicological importance. Trace metals speciation analysis is currently supported for most sample matrices.

BAL currently has proprietary methods that support speciations of the following metals: 

Arsenic Speciation Analysis Selenium Speciation Analysis Chromium Speciation Analysis Mercury Speciation Analysis Vanadium Speciation Analysis Lead Speciation Analysis Thallium Speciation Analysis Manganese Speciation Analysis Metal-Cyanide Speciation Analysis Iron Speciation Analysis

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