Trace metals and metal speciation analyses are far from routine, especially when looking at ultra-trace concentrations and complex matrices. Speciation analyses are not straightforward and significantly different results can often be obtained from different labs and different methods. With over 30 years of experience developing and performing methods in the ultra-trace metals industry, Brooks Applied Labs is uniquely qualified to provide accurate and meaningful trace metals and metals speciation data for your project. Our expertise includes the following areas:

Soils and Sediments
Tissues & Biological Samples
Water Analysis
Food & Beverages
California Prop. 65
Inorganic Arsenic
USP <2232>
Big Four Heavy Metals
Baby playing with toys
Public Work
Method Related Work
Air and gasAir & Gas
Ambient Air Monitoring
method developmentMethod Development
Previous Method Development Work
SamplingConsulting & Sampling Training
EPA 1669: Ultra-Clean Sample Collection Training
Laboratory Consulting
Industrial Wastewater