Collaborations with scientists at Brooks Applied Labs has yielded yet another scientific publication. Through the efforts of Russell Gerads and the entire laboratory staff at BAL, research was made possible to ascertain the health implications of exposure to arsenic containing dust. The recent publication, Immunotoxicological and neurotoxicological profile of health effects following subacute exposure to geogenic dust from sand dunes at the Nellis Dunes Recreation Area, Las Vegas, NV, published in Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology (January 2016), provides insight into how certain recreational activities may contribute to health concerns. BAL continues to collaborate with scientists around the globe in the pursuit of expanding our scientific understanding of the world around us, applying our considerable experience and knowledge to everyday projects. This results in a level of data defensibility that is unrivaled. Check out our website or contact us to find out how we can take the uncertainty out of choosing a lab for your next project.