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Trusted 100 PercentImagine having to dispose of $150,000 of growth media or initiate a costly groundwater contamination investigation due to contaminated sample containers or labware. Does this sound familiar? If not, you are one of a few lucky individuals that it has not happened to…yet. Brooks Applied Labs has supported our clients with acid cleaned and lot tested sampling materials for decades to ensure analytical results represent what is in the sample and not the surrounding environment. Our expertise in trace element analyses demands a detailed understanding of contamination sources and how to mitigate them. This translates not just to quality, but trust that our clients have in BAL for supporting all their sampling and sample archival needs. Whether you are performing an environmental investigation, clinical trial, R&D for biopharmaceuticals, or managing quality systems for industrial applications, it is within your best interest to contact us today to mitigate risk and maximize your potential for success.