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Mercury is a dangerous neurological toxin and too much exposure has been responsible for several poisoning outbreaks around the world. Routes of exposure and metabolism have been well documented for elemental mercury, organic mercury, and inorganic mercury. In general, organic mercury forms are considered to be the most toxic; however, some studies have indicated that ethylmercury and methylmercury are handled differently by the body and therefore have differing toxicities. Ethylmercury is a breakdown product from a commonly used preservative in vaccines for humans and animals, as well as in some cosmetics, and it needs to be studied more comprehensively before its safety can be determined. Annie Carter, VP of Operations at Brooks Rand Labs, along with Elizabeth Madonick, Technical Sales Specialist, recently published an article on ethylmercury analysis in Environment Industry Magazine. View the Environmental Industry Magazine featuring the Ethylmercury and Human Health article on page 134.