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biomonitoringHuman exposure to natural and synthetic contaminants has recently come to the forefront of public concern with frequent stories in the media about the potential harm from metals in our environment. Fish consumption, vaccines, contaminated food products, and poorly regulated supplements are all potential threats to human health. Assessing human biomonitoring samples can be quite challenging because every sample has its own unique chemistry depending on lifestyle and genetics, as well as differences from food and supplement intake. Brooks Rand Labs can support the elemental and molecular quantitation of metals and halogenated compounds for every distinctive sample submitted. For more than a decade, Brooks Rand Labs has provided analytical method development and specialized analysis of ions, small molecules, amino acids, proteins, and other more complex molecular forms in a variety of human tissues and fluids, including blood, urine, organ tissue, hair, and teeth. If you would like further information or a quotation for your next project, please contact us.