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AOAC Method 2015.01, Heavy Metals in Food by ICP-MS, authored by the scientists at Brooks Applied Labs, is currently in First Action status. To complete the move to Final Action, a multi-lab validation (MLV) study is required. You are invited to participate in the MLV study for the determination of the Big 4 (arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury) in food by this method. The scope of the method lists food and beverage matrices including solid chocolate, fruit juice, fish, infant formula, and rice.

Anyone interested in participating in the MLV study is encouraged to contact study organizer, Rick Reba, at the Nestle Quality Assurance Center (rick.reba@us.nestle.com). Copies of the method are available on the Brooks Applied Labs and AOAC websites, or contact us directly for a copy. Please feel free to forward to any colleagues that may also have an interest.