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ICMGP Korea 2015

Since 1990 the International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant (ICMGP) has been providing scientists from all over the world with a forum for in-person discussion and information exchange of mercury-related contamination concerns. Brooks Rand Labs has been providing ultra-trace level mercury analysis for over thirty years, therefore it’s no surprise that, Annie Carter, Vice President of Operations, has been invited to speak at the conference workshop Trace-level Mercury Measurement. Annie will be presenting on a further investigation of distillation techniques for the determination of methylmercury in aqueous samples based on results from the highly regarded 2015 Brooks Rand Instruments Interlaboratory Comparison Study for Total Mercury and Methylmercury, an intercomparison study organized by workshop host and moderator, Dr. Joel Creswell, Technical Director at Brooks Rand Instruments. This workshop is certain to provide invaluable insights for any analytical chemists or researchers performing methylmercury analysis and data interpretation.