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mount-everestFor large sample collection tubing and equipment orders, BRL requests at least three weeks’ notice in order to ensure all equipment is certified clean for low-level metals analysis. We take great pride in ensuring equipment meets your data quality objectives by taking several days (to weeks) for cleaning, testing, and quality assurance review.

This summer, BRL pulled off an extraordinary feat that will go down as legendary in our history. Over a period of less than 6 weeks, over 36,000 feet of sample collection tubing were acid-cleaned and certified clean for trace metals use. This amount is far greater than the height of Mt. Everest (a mere 29,029 feet).

BRL management wishes to thank all of the employees who contributed to this achievement, especially those who worked long hours wearing respirators over acid vats. We also want to thank our clients who pushed us to achieve what only few could hope to accomplish in a lifetime.