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Our very own Metals Chemist, Abby Rudd, co-authored an article recently-published in the journal Science of the Total Environment entitled Total- and Methyl-mercury Concentrations and Methylation Rates across the Freshwater to Hypersaline Continuum of the Great Salt Lake, Utah, USA (read abstract online). The article’s lead author, William P. Johnson, is a professor in the Department of Geology and Geophysics at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. The study focuses on the methylation rate of mercury (Hg) in non-saline water, hypersaline water, and sediments from the Great Salt Lake and surrounding wetlands. The objective of the study was to correlate the methylation potential within specific environmental conditions (i.e., oxic, anoxic) to the Hg burden of the locale aquatic and terrestrial wildlife over time. This is a fascinating study that is a good read for any Hg or Great Salt Lake enthusiasts! Enjoy and thank you Abby!