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Sampling 2014The US EPA Method 1669, Sampling Ambient Water for Trace Metals at EPA Water Criteria Levels, can be a complex and challenging method for those who are not experienced in “clean hands/dirty hands” sampling for low-level metals. Even for the most knowledgeable field samplers, every new site brings its own obstacles and the method has to be constantly modified to collect samples within the performance-based guidelines. Taking one of our in-person Method 1669 sampling classes to learn new techniques or as an annual refresher course is a great way to hone your skills, but these classes are offered infrequently. If waiting until the next sampling class is not an option for you and you need 1669 guidance regarding sample collection for low-level metals, Brooks Rand Labs has several sampling and quality assurance experts on staff that are available for phone consultations at very reasonable rates. Services include review of sampling and analysis plans (SAP), review of quality assurance project plans (QAPP), and customized consultation on sample collection for low-level metals at even the trickiest of sites. Contact us for a quote today!