Brian Smith started at Brooks Applied Labs as a Metals Chemist in 2016. He has been working in the industry since 2014. He has worked several positions, including ICP-MS Analysts and Trace Metals Group Lead, before becoming Laboratory Manager. As Lab Manager, his main responsibilities are: supervising laboratory staff to ensure that all client samples are prepared and analyzed according to Brooks Applied Labs standard operating procedures, developing and improving laboratory processes to achieve high quality data in an efficient manner, and promoting the growth & development of the lab staff. He received his Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from California Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly) in 2010. When he is not in the lab, you can usually find him at the park with his dogs, riding his motorcycle, or spending time with his wife. He also enjoys hiking, backpacking, long road trips, playing his guitar and visiting friends and family in California.