Sampling Equipment Decontamination Clean RoomNearly a year after the merger of Brooks Rand Labs and Applied Speciation & Consulting, and five months after consolidating into Brooks Applied Labs’ current location in Bothell, WA, our remodeling is finally completed! As part of the many improvements finished up last month, BAL now has a brand new Sampling Equipment Decontamination Clean Room. The lab is fed by HEPA-filtered air and contains large vats of nitric and hydrochloric acids and deep well-ventilated sinks for rinsing equipment. This facility allows BAL to safely acid-clean a wide range of sampling equipment, including sample bottles, tubing, carboys for reagent water, and field-filtration units. Every piece of equipment that BAL sends out to our clients, including every sample bottle, is acid-cleaned and/or lot tested to ensure all sampling equipment is Certified Clean down to BAL’s ultra-low reporting limits. If you find yourself in the Seattle area and you’d like to come take a tour of our newly remodeled 18,000 sf laboratory, we’d be happy to show you around, so contact us!