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BAL: Solution Provider to the Mining Industry

Apr 13, 2017 | Archive, Environmental, Mining

Lego Miner ManThroughout the history of Brooks Applied Labs, we have continually supported nearly all facets of the mining industry, from exploration to site remediation, across the US and Canada. Our experience and knowledge, coupled with some of the most technologically advanced analytical tools in use in environmental laboratories today, allow us to provide our clients with solutions to address their metals issues, not just unbiased results. BAL’s specialty in metals analysis and speciation, halogen quantification and speciation, as well as a full suite of cyanide analyses, is well matched to the needs of the mining industry. In addition to providing customized analytical services tailored to meet the complex project goals of our clients in the mining sector, BAL senior scientists often travel to visit the project sites, participating in planning and project development meetings to help optimize a project for success! Partnering with BAL is not only a function of risk management for mining companies, but can also be a boost in efficiency for investigative, processing, exploratory, and monitoring aspects. Contact us today to identify how partnering with Brooks Applied Labs can make both you and your team ready to tackle the complex challenges of the twenty-first century.