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Brooks Applied Labs’ premise for environmental investigations identifies that marginal data quality and “accepted” methodologies can only provide a rudimentary representation of projected contaminant impacts on flora and fauna. True risk assessment and site interpretation necessitates qualitative and quantitative identification of the specific contaminants of interest accompanied by characterization of the contaminants’ environment.

Analytical and professional services offered by Brooks Applied Labs (BAL) can support all phases of contaminant investigations associated with trace metals. From regulatory compliance monitoring to bench scale treatability studies, BAL scientists can support all of your analytical needs. We continually invest in some of the most advanced technologies available to the scientific community to stay one step ahead of any issues that can impact your project.

Our advanced analytical services set us apart from other routine environmental labs, to help you meet your goals for even the most challenging environmental testing projects.

Brooks Applied Labs offers ultra-low detection limits on:


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Environmental News

A Busy Month for BAL’s Road Warriors

BAL's Technical Sales Manager, Jamie Fox, is headed to Las Vegas to attend the 2018 Department of Energy Analytical Services Program (DOE ASP) Workshop. This annual training workshop will be held from August 29-30 and covers the validity, reliability, and...

Join Us at the NEMC Metals Session

At this year's National Environmental Monitoring Conference, BAL's Vice President, Annie Carter will be chairing two sessions on "Metals and Metals Speciation Analysis in Environmental Samples." The conference will take place August 6th - 10th in New Orleans, LA, and...

Did You Miss BAL’s Presentation at Mine Water Solutions 2018?

Last week, Brooks Applied Labs presented at the Mine Water Solutions conference in Vancouver on the role of speciation analysis for treatability and to ensure compliance with aquatic life criteria for selenium. You can view our presentation here or feel free...

How BAL Uses Speciation to Complement Total Elemental Analyses

Most regulations – whether for the environmental, pharmaceutical, or consumer product sectors – are based on the total concentration of an element present in a given sample.  Many regulatory bodies and standards organizations have promulgated methods to support...