We are lucky to have great staff that volunteer for some amazing organizations! Our Trace Metals Group Leader, Christabel Escarez has been volunteering as a youth mentor for the Service Board for the past two years. The Service Board mentors teens to conquer personal and cultural challenges through public service and outdoor adventure, including community service, social justice education, and snowboarding! The Service Board recently organized a trail-building trip that was funded by a mini-grant from the Washington Trails Association (WTA) Outdoor Leadership Training (OLT) program. The OLT provides outdoor experiences for youth who often have few opportunities to get outdoors, inspiring the next generation of hikers and conservationists.

Christabel was recently quoted in the WTA’s magazine July-August 2014 issue as saying, “Building trails is a unique experience that introduces teens to interurban trails and suburban green spaces, as well as their part in creating and maintaining these natural areas.”