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BAL is CGMP Compliant!

Dec 5, 2019 | Archive, CGMP, Pharma

CGMPBAL is excited to announce that we are now fully CGMP-compliant to current pharmaceutical requirements. The first question you may be asking yourself is what does CGMP compliant mean? It means that our pharmaceutical clients can rely upon Brooks Applied Labs for our technical acumen and quality as well as the documentation and system demands of the Code of Federal Regulations (21 CFR Parts 210, 211, and 11) and International Council on Harmonization (ICH Q7, Q9), especially as related to our compliance with data integrity requirements. This also means that our clients no longer need different laboratories to support CGMP, R&D, and MS&T facets of their business cycles, which equates to increased efficiencies and standardized high data quality throughout their enterprise. Browse our updated Pharmaceuticals Website for additional information. You can also quickly and easily request a quotation through our website!