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How is COVID-19 Impacting Brooks Applied Labs?

How is COVID-19 Impacting Brooks Applied Labs?

COVID-19 and Brooks Applied LabsBrooks Applied Labs currently remains open and all regular business operations are proceeding as close to normal as possible. At this point, we do not anticipate any delays in deliverables. BAL takes the safety of our staff seriously and we are following guidance on preventative measures from the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and from Public Health Seattle & King County with regard to COVID-19. This includes directing most of our client-facing and administrative staff to work from home and ensuring adequate social distancing for the lab staff that do not have that option. We have the technology in place to keep operations running smoothly with a high percentage of remote workers still connected via call forwarding and remote worker phones. So far, BAL is weathering being at the epicenter of this hurricane quite well and our clients can count on us to continue to be there to meet their needs for the foreseeable future.

Did You See the Recent News About Heavy Metals in Baby Food?

Baby Eating FoodConsumer Reports recently published a study that evaluated the levels of certain heavy metals in 50 different baby food products. As you may recall this is a topic in which BAL has previously been involved by working with Healthy Babies Bright Futures and it continues to garner national attention. The reason for concern is simple and is stated in the Consumer Reports article, “‘Babies and toddlers are particularly vulnerable due to their smaller size and developing brains and organ systems,’ says James E. Rogers, Ph.D., director of food safety research and testing at Consumer Reports.” For this reason, BAL is continuously working to be the industry leader in food testing by not applying a “one-size-fits-all” approach to various food matrices.

By evaluating the ingredients of each food and beverage product, particularly when performing speciation, BAL ensures that the correct preparation approach is chosen, and the results will be representative of what is actually being consumed. This becomes particularly important for infant and toddler foods because small inaccuracies in quantitation can be far more impactful to the long-term health and development of the children consuming these products.

If you would like to learn more about how we can assist with your food, beverage, or supplement testing needs, you can visit our webpage on this topic or Contact Us to get pricing or any other information specific to your request.

Brooks Applied Labs Presents at Congressional Briefing

Michelle Briscoe and Joel CreswellMichelle Briscoe, President/CEO of BAL, presented last month at a Congressional Briefing for the bi-partisan and bi-cameral Congressional Chemistry Caucus as part of a contingent from the American Council of Independent Laboratories (ACIL). The theme of the briefing was “Protecting Public Health, Safety, and the Environment: Independent Testing Laboratories and the Federal Government”. Ms. Briscoe, pictured with the moderator of the briefing, Dr. Joel Creswell, legislative aid for Rep. Lipinski (D-IL), discussed the role independent specialty laboratories play supporting governmental agencies and cutting-edge research. She provided diverse examples of how BAL was working with the EPA on method development and the FDA on characterization of toxic compounds in food, as well as how BAL supports the FDA-regulated biopharmaceutical industry through characterization of trace metals impacting commercial production of oncology drugs. Visit the BAL website for more information on any of these topics!