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Got Lyophilization?

Mar 19, 2020 | News Article, Sampling, Services

Freeze dried fish powderBAL now offers tissue sample lyophilization! What’s that? Lyophilization is another term for freeze drying, and it involves rapidly freezing the sample then subjecting it to high vacuum which removes ice by sublimation. Lyophilization can now be requested as an additional service for biological samples analyzed for trace metals at BAL. Including lyophilization in the sample preparation process has many potential advantages for data quality, including improved homogenization, which not only improves the precision of the results, but also allows for more accurate results on a limited quantity of mass. BAL has a long history of not just offering a service but becoming experts in how to best utilize a service to obtain the highest quality data possible. Keep an eye out for more information as we investigate the intricacies that occur when lyophilization meets metals speciation. If you’re interested in discussing how adding lyophilization to your tissues/biota testing project could help improve your data quality, contact us today!