Welcome to the Selenium Centre of Excellence

Aug 28, 2019 | News Article, Selenium

Selenium Centre of ExcellenceThe Selenium Centre of Excellence (SCE) is a non-profit organization seeking to advance innovative scientific solutions to address the growing global concern of selenium for the betterment of its inhabitants, ecosystems, industry, and regulatory bodies. Forever altruistic, Russell Gerads (BAL’s Business Development Director) is a member of the SCE Steering Committee, where he helps to guide operational and research activities. Membership to SCE is open to anyone that shares the organization’s goals and belief that technology, science, and engineering can help solve many of the issues associated with selenium. Please contact Frank Gu (f.gu@utoronto.ca or 416-978-8518) for more information about the SCE, or visit our website to learn more about BAL’s speciation and analysis capabilities for selenium.