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Interferences with DMAs Determination in Tissues by EPA Method 1632A

Are your samples being properly prepared to avoid high bias due to interferences? EPA Method 1632A is the only EPA Method published for arsenic speciation in tissue samples, and it is usually the first choice for many regulatory-driven and government-funded projects. EPA Method 1632A describes two different digestion techniques that may be used for determination of dimethylarsinic acid (DMAs), and recent research conducted by Brooks Rand Labs has demonstrated that data produced by one of the digestion methods can be biased high for DMAs if the samples being analyzed contain significant amount of arsenobetaine (AsB), the most common form of arsenic found in most fin fish.

Come see Annie Carter, BRL’s VP of Operations, present on this topic (view the abstract) at the National Environmental Monitoring Conference (NEMC) in Washington D.C. on August 7th.

Call for Participants for Intercomparison Study for Arsenic Speciation in Food

Brooks Rand Labs is organizing the 2nd annual Interlaboratory Comparison Study for Arsenic Speciation in Food.  With so few available reference materials that are certified for inorganic arsenic and other individual arsenic species, this study provides one of the few means for laboratories to evaluate their methods of analyzing arsenic species in food matrices, such as rice and fish.

The results of the 2013 Intercomparison Study were presented at the AOAC International Annual Meeting last year. That study had participation from 39 labs from around the globe and was considered a huge success. If you are a lab that performs arsenic speciation analyses in food, you are invited to participate in the 2014 study! For more information about this year’s study, or to register as a participant, please click here. The registration deadline for this year’s study is July 10th, 2014 July 15th, 2014.

Another BRL Chemist Ties the Knot

BRL is happy to congratulate Mi Sun Um and Derek Chun on their wedding nuptials. The couple was married on one of the sunniest days of year, Saturday, May 30th at Velocity Dance Center (Seattle, WA).

Mi Sun Um is BRL’s Data Manager and has been with the company for 8 years. Her background is in mercury and mercury speciation analysis with extensive “behind the scenes” IT knowledge. She makes BRL’s reporting flawless! Derek Chun is co-owner of an office furniture set-up company. The apple of their eye is Teddy (a miniature, golden dachshund) whom they enjoy taking on long sunset walks through Discovery Park. BRL is proud to count them amongst our family! Hurray to the happy couple!