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Bringing Metals Chemistry Expertise to YOU through Webinars

A little-known fact about the scientists at Brooks Applied Labs is that they present at scientific conferences throughout the year, continually perform research, and make concerted efforts to educate our clients and the community. The technical nature of the services we offer often requires a specialized education and experience to understand the results and properly apply them. BAL offers educational webinars to empower our clients with information associated with the chemistry of metals and metalloid compounds, as well as the benefits and limitations of various analytical techniques. Our webinars have a proven track record to increase industrial or remediation process efficiencies, mitigate risk (business and scientific), and expand our clients’ capacity to address complex problems involving metals chemistry. By expending an hour or two of time, your team can keep up-to-date on technological advances, which will allow you to have a competitive advantage.

The webinars BAL offers are tailored to your needs. The expertise and focus of our scientists are applied to efficiently communicate information on the topics pertinent to your immediate or future scientific demands. Often times, complex scientific concepts are difficult to understand and even more difficult to communicate. The sheer number of webinars and scientific presentations that our scientists have given has resulted in an increased capacity to translate those complex scientific concepts into language that everyone can understand. We have produced and presented webinars for a wide range of markets, including:  pharmaceuticals, wastewater treatment providers, government agencies, mining, environmental consulting companies, power generation, forensics, and food processing.

Let our team support your team and you will see a notable difference in how your company can address more complex issues associated with metals chemistry. If the nature of your needs are more sensitive, we can also support on-site seminars; however, we often recommend webinars to maximize the size of the audience for firms that have multiple locations throughout North America and the world. Contact us today to identify how partnering with Brooks Applied Labs can make both you and your team ready to tackle the challenges of the twenty-first century.

Brooks Applied Labs is On the Road Again…

March is a busy month for the BAL Road Warriors!

AEHS FoundationThe AEHS Foundation’s International Conference on Soil, Water, Energy, and Air (AEHS Conference), held March 20-23 in San Diego, brings together environmental professionals to exchange information related to environmental issues. If you will be attending, be sure to catch the presentation by BAL’s Elizabeth Madonick on the 22nd on the topic of Reducing the Risk of Inaccurate Results When Quantifying Trace Elements in Seawater.

Interphex LogoMarch 21-23, BAL’s Jamie Fox will be attending Interphex, a conference in Manhattan that draws industry professionals from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device development and manufacturing sectors.

EBI Logo The Environmental Industry Summit will be held March 22-24 in San Diego. Senior executives, CEO Michelle Briscoe and VP of Operations Annie Carter, will be representing BAL (a past Business Achievement Award winner at this conference) at this unique event where environmental professionals from across the country converge for presentations and panel discussions on the state of the industry.

BAL Brings Science Discovery to Primary Education!

On February 15th, BAL’s Project Manager Amanda Royal organized over 70 exhibitors for the annual Science Discovery Night at Lake Forest Park Elementary. Over 300 kids with their families attended this fantastic event to explore the wonderful world of science and to learn from exhibitors ranging from the Seattle Audubon Society to the UW Dept. of Earth and Space Sciences. With additional help from BAL’s Tiffany Stilwater and Anna Prestbo, the event received an A+ from exhibitors and families alike, sending our future generation home with the scientific tools to help them tackle the world.