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Eliminating Unknown Variables with BAL Sampling Equipment

Trusted 100 PercentImagine having to dispose of $150,000 of growth media or initiate a costly groundwater contamination investigation due to contaminated sample containers or labware. Does this sound familiar? If not, you are one of a few lucky individuals that it has not happened to…yet. Brooks Applied Labs has supported our clients with acid cleaned and lot tested sampling materials for decades to ensure analytical results represent what is in the sample and not the surrounding environment. Our expertise in trace element analyses demands a detailed understanding of contamination sources and how to mitigate them. This translates not just to quality, but trust that our clients have in BAL for supporting all their sampling and sample archival needs. Whether you are performing an environmental investigation, clinical trial, R&D for biopharmaceuticals, or managing quality systems for industrial applications, it is within your best interest to contact us today to mitigate risk and maximize your potential for success.

BAL Exhibiting in Boston and Speaking in Vancouver

Bio International ConventionNext month BAL will have an exhibit booth at BIO International in Boston, June 4 – 7. This conference attracts more than 16,000 biotechnology and pharma industry attendees to discover new opportunities related to drug discovery, biomanufacturing, genomics, biofuels, nanotechnology and cell therapy. Come see Russ Gerads and Jamie Fox at Booth 1808!

Mine Water Solutions 2018The following week, Ben Wozniak will be speaking at the Mine Water Solutions 2018 conference in Vancouver, B.C. on “The Role of Speciation for Selenium Treatment and Compliance with Site-Specific Aquatic Life Criteria.” This conference will examine a wide range of water issues and provide a forum for discussion about successful practices enabling responsible mining to be undertaken in challenging environments. Contact Us through the website or follow us on Twitter to let us know if you will be at either of these meetings so we can connect!

My How We’ve Grown!

With all the new faces around Brooks Applied Labs, a new company photo was long overdue. Our growth over the past year has been nothing short of phenomenal, and we are so proud of all the bright, experienced scientists that have been added to the BAL team. This growth led to a discussion of all the things that make BAL such a great place to come to work every day. Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values statements were updated to reflect all the diverse ways in which we strive to “drive transformational environmental and human health outcomes…motivated by the belief that we can change the world for the better!”