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Filtered Beer & Wine can have Higher Arsenic and Lead Levels

Filtered BeerThere have been many research publications in recent years detailing the heavy metal levels in alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine, but few of these investigate how the processing of these beverages may influence the levels of toxic metals. The results of a new study by Redan et. al. published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (February 2019) show a clear correlation between the filtration of beer and wine using diatomaceous-earth (DE) filter media and the concentration of inorganic arsenic and lead in the beverage. However, these elevated concentrations can be mitigated through careful selection of DE media or pre-rinsing of the filter aids. Brooks Applied Labs offers a full range of analytical testing services for heavy metals and inorganic arsenic speciation in beverages of all types.

Brooks Applied Labs is on the Road Again…

BAL Road WarriorsOn June 12th and 13th, BAL’s Russ Gerads and Ben Wozniak will be attending the North American Metals Council (NAMC) meeting in Calgary, Alberta in support of the Selenium Working Group. Our involvement in this focused workgroup is a testament to BAL’s expertise and experience in metals chemistry and the value it provides to industry. Also, earlier this month, Jamie Fox presented at the DoD Environmental Monitoring & Data Quality (EMDQ) Workshop on “An Overview of Sequential Extraction Methods to assess Bioavailability and Mobility of Metals in Sediments.” If you would like a copy of the presentation, please contact us. After EMDQ, Jamie made a stop in Austin, Texas for the TCEQ Environmental Trade Fair and Conference to talk with attendees about how their projects would benefit from our specialty metals services. If you missed him there or would like to hear more, let us know.

Happy 5th Anniversary!

Patrick Nye and Helena Vu 5 year anniversaryLast month, BAL celebrated the 5-year work anniversary for two employees: Helena Vu and Patrick Nye. As a veteran of the industry with more than 20-years of experience, Helena’s technical knowledge, efficiency, and commitment to the highest quality data are indispensable! After many years as an ICP-MS chemist, she was promoted to lead our Metals Speciation Group in 2017. With her big smile, exemplary work ethic, and strong technical abilities, she truly embodies the spirit of BAL. Shortly after Patrick began at BAL he soon proved himself as a key employee specializing in preparing trace metals samples for ICP-MS analysis. He can work through the most complex preparations with a high attention to detail. When he’s not at work, he’s often working on his goat and chicken farm or enjoying time with his son who was born last year. Thank you both so much for all you do to make our company awesome!