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BRL Staff Volunteer for Water Testing at John Marshall School

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In the Seattle Public School District, the Jane Addams K-8 ESTEM (Environmental Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) school is going to be temporarily housed at the John Marshall School building for the 2014-2016 school years while a new school building is built to house their program. Recent studies of the drinking water quality at John Marshall, an older building with mainly galvanized steel water pipes, have indicated that at least a third (10 out of 34) of the drinking water sources tested do not meet the criteria for lead (Pb) and/copper (Cu). In addition, sinks in bathrooms, which are sometimes used by students for refilling their water bottles, were never tested.

In support of the Jane Addams K-8 Working Group on Air and Water Quality at John Marshall, Brooks Rand Labs is donating analytical services to perform additional drinking water testing for lead (Pb) and copper (Cu) at John Marshall School, and volunteers from Brooks Rand Labs’ staff are donating their time to perform the sample collection services at the school.