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EPA Presentation at Brooks Rand Labs

Dr. Chris EckleyDr. Chris Eckley, an environmental scientist and geochemist with the US EPA, presented his latest research at Brooks Rand Labs on August 20th as part of BRL’s monthly seminar series for the professional development of our staff. Dr. Eckley’s presentation, Mercury Transport and Transformation at the Black Butte Mine Superfund Site, reported on some interesting findings related to methylmercury production in the Cottage Grove Reservoir in Oregon, which was the first body of water in Oregon to have a fish consumption public health advisory listed due to high mercury levels. Brooks Rand Labs has been involved in the mercury research being conducted at the Black Butte Mine and surrounding areas for many years. Learn more about BRL’s mercury and mercury speciation services, or request a quote today!

Rice Methylmercury Exposure and Mitigation

It is commonly believed that dietary ingestion of one of the most toxic forms of mercury, methylmercury, is primarily due to eating fish. This is not necessarily the case in many areas of the world where rice is a staple food and the levels of methylmercury in rice have been found at potentially concerning levels. However, it is unclear whether methylmercury in rice is more toxic to humans than exposure through fish ingestion. Mercury contamination of rice has not yet had the same visibility and popularity as other food toxicity issues. To address this, Sarah Rothenberg (University of South Carolina), Lisamarie Windham-Myers (USGS), and Joel Creswell (Brooks Rand Instruments) have written a fascinating paper that consolidates and summarizes the most significant research on this topic in the past 30 years. To view the abstract and obtain a copy of this paper (PMID: 24972509), please click here.

Brooks Rand Labs on the Road…

ACIL Annual Meeting

Michelle Briscoe and Frank McFarland will be attending the ACIL Annual Meeting October 5-8. As the only trade association representing the non-clinical independent testing industry, ACIL offers many opportunities to learn from industry peers and experience top-notch education to enhance business practices and laboratory operations. This year’s meeting, held on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, will include a CEO Forum for industry leaders to discuss current issues and find creative solutions to improve our businesses.

SupplySide West

Brooks Rand Labs’ dynamic duo, Elizabeth Madonick and Tiffany Stilwater, will be attending the hugely popular SupplySide West exposition and conference October 6-10, hosted annually in Nevada’s notorious sin city, Las Vegas. The expo boasts to have the world’s largest gathering of ingredient suppliers and finished product manufactures, in addition to a well-represented amalgamation of support services. Brooks Rand Labs provides analytical expertise to a wide range of industries and can assist with metals and metals speciation testing of food, beverages, supplements, and individual ingredients. For your convenience, Sample Submission forms are always available for download on our website.  If you would like to meet-up with Elizabeth or Tiffany at the conference, feel free to contact us.